Is JESSY DEEP also for rent?

Principally yes, a precondition is a 2-3 days course in the operation of the device. Of course you would need to clarify availability of JESSY DEEP in advance.

Does JESSY DEEP use high or low temperature SQUIDs?

Supracon manufactures both high and low temperature SQUID based measuring units. Please discuss availability with us.

What is the delivery time?

It depends on the system required and on the current capacity utilisation, but in general it is between 4-6 months.

How much is JESSY DEEP?

Supracon customises the systems according to the particular needs. Therefore we would like you to address your price information request to info@supracon.com

What else do I need to do a real TEM survey?

You would need:
  • Receiver(tested are Geonics Protem, Crone, Zonge),
  • Transmitter,
  • Cable (Transmitter coil) as well as
  • liquid nitrogen for JESSY DEEP.

Please also consider that the software delivered is only to control the system and does not include any interpretation of the data.

How is the service being organised?

JESSY DEEP requires a daily filling with nitrogen and a two day filling interval for liquid helium respectively. Batteries need to be charged every day.
After every 6 months the isolation vacuum of the Dewar should be renewed. We recommend an annual full service of the system at our premises for the highest security and availability in the field.

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