measuring and control unit of JESSY DEEP
JESSY DEEP is the world's most sensitive receiver for transient electromagentic (TEM) measurements. The most common application is in the exploration of minerals. By the help of a coil; transients are excited in the ground. The detection of the decaying signal allows evaluating conducting material underneath. The SQUID's unrivalled sensitivity provides the exploration community with data of deeper targets or ore bodies covered with a conducting overburden then conventional receivers. The exceptionally high dynamic range of JESSY DEEP results in shorter data acquisition times and ultimately more efficient measuring campaigns.  


JESSY STAR Hubschrauber stehend
JESSY STAR in helicopter setup
JESSY STAR is the world's first airborne SQUID system to record the complete gradient tensor of the earth magnetic field. The high-tech instrument localises and quantisises magnetic objects under ground or under water most prominently for the exploration of natural resources. Specially developed SQUID gradiometer sensors provide the exploration community with magnetic data of extraordinary sensitivity and tensor information never measured before. JESSY STAR operates in helicopter mode or alternatively in fixed wing aircraft configuration.  


JESSY SMART measuring system in vehicle mode
The most recent child of the JESSY familiy is SMART, a geomagnetic detection system for near-surface anomalies.
JESSY SMART allows a very efficient three-dimensional geomagnetic mapping of the ground.
It can be used attached to a motor car for very fast and sensitive scanning or alternatively in difficult terrain be moved manually by the operator.
The potential applications vary from building ground evaluation to archaelogical prospection and unexploded ordenances detection.  

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