single channel SQUID electronics with accessory
The directly coupled SQUID electronics from Supracon combines the following advanatages and properties:

  • fastest room temperature SQUID electronics
  • very low noise parameters
  • high small signal bandwidth
  • optional versions for two stage dc SQUID measurements and for measurements with dc SQUIDs as preamplifier of detector signals
  • robust and approved in industrial application
  • comfortable software control  
The SQUID electronics analog part ensures linearization of the SQUID characteristics due to deep negative feedback to the SQUID. It contains all critical circuitry and should be placed as close to the SQUID as possible for the highest dynamic performance. The microprocessor based digital part of the electronics allows the adjustment of the SQUID's working parameters either automatically or manually. One SQUID electronics unit is necessary for every SQUID channel.

The essential parameters of the electronics are:  
white noise referred to the input in nV/Hz1/2
< 0.33
1/f noise corner in Hz
< 0.1
input voltage drift (0 °C - 65 °C) in nV/K
< 7
gain-bandwifth product in GHz
~ 6
power consumption in mW
~ 220

Is the electronics applied in a system setup with magnetometer SQUID (voltage swing 60 μV) and cryocable (length 1.0 m) the following parameters can be achieved:  
small signal bandwidth in MHz
> 10
slew rate, frequency range 15...50 kHz in MΦ0/S
> 15


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