FHT System
Measurement of heart muscle activity with a measuring system of Cryoton
Supracon manufactures ultra-sensitive medical devices which are able to non-invasively monitor the electrophysiology of heart and brain activity.

Advantages for the patient

  • risk and painless measuring procedure
  • no body contact, painless, clean, without side effects and contrast agent
  • short investigation duration (few minutes), no undressing, immediate medical evaluation
  • identification of electro-physiological problems of the heart muscle in early phase

Advantages from medical perspective

  • gives in vivo functional instead of morphological information
  • higher temporal and spatial resolution than SPECT, PET and MRT
  • new3D information on the state of the heart muscle
  • three-dimensional imaging
  • very short investigation duration of few minutes

The method is on the threshold to clinical application and acceptance with clinical studies running in several places in the world.

Fetal magnetocardiography (FMCG)

FMCG investigation in unshielded surroundings
Supracon manufacturers a measuring instrument for the investigation of the well-being of foetuses during the last weeks of pregnancy. The innovation is to operate these systems in clinical environment in the absence of magnetically shielded rooms. Until now this was impossible and a hindrance to the development of the method. Supracon intends to establish FMCG as an additional clinical diagnostic tool for gynecology and obstetrics. It is our persuation that these will improve medical care for the benefit of mothers-to-be and their children.  

Functional heart tomography (FHT)

FHT Schichtendarstellung
In layers stream density distribution about the heart muscle shown from Softmag
The term functional heart tomography (FHT) describes the 3D electrical activity of the heart muscle. Highly temporal and spatial resolution of magnetic field changes is required. Only high-tech SQUID sensors are able to realise this innovative method. The heart is shown in its electro-physiological function, as if "filmed". The investigation of the clinical relevance of FHT measurements is pursued worldwide. There are indications that such investigations can yield additional diagnostic potentially lifesaving information. Supracon supports these activities with its expertise.  

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