Model 3Dgreen with mounted and sealed magnetometer sensors
Model 3Dgreen is designed for full-vector-measurements of the magnetic field and can be used in SQUID systems for active compensation of magnetic disturbances.

The sensor consists of three low-Tc dc SQUID magnetometers with a field sensitivity of better than 1.6 pT/Hz1/2 mounted orthogonal to each other in the holder.

A complete cryogenic insert including the standard SQUID electronics for the three sensors and control software is also available.

Main Parameters and Properties:  
Chip holder cube dimensions only, in mm 10.5×10.5×10.5
Solder pads with pure Sn ensure no field distortion at 4.2 K
The orthogonality of the magnetometer axis is better than
Effective area of washer magnetometer Aeff = 5200 µm2; 1/Aeff = 400 nT/Ф0
Feedback coil mutual inductance in pH M = 160
Voltage modulation more then, in µV 40
White noise level better then, in µФ0/Hz1/2 4
integrated feedback coil and heater to expel a frozen flux 


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