DC Josephson Voltage Standard

Josephson Voltage Standard

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graphical user interface to control the Josephson Voltage Standard System
supraVOLTcontrol is a fully automatic
10 V Josephson Voltage Standard System which was developed more than 10 years ago in the Leibniz-Institute of Photonic Technology and since than refined and optimised by Supracon.

The system can facilitate several calibration and measuring modes for dc voltages:

  • Calibration of secondary voltage standards
  • Calibration of linearity and accuracy of voltmeters (dc) in the voltage range of 0 to ±10 V
  • extremely accurate output of arbitrary reference voltages up to 10 V
  • direct comparison between two voltage standard systems
No other device combines these functionalities with the highest precision.

supraVOLTcontrol is available in two versions. The first uses liquid helium as a coolant to bring the Josephson Voltage Standard chip to its operating temperature. In the second version the chip is mounted on a coldhead of a pulse tube cooler which requires electrical power only.  


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