DC calibration modes

1. Calibration of secondary voltage standards

graphical user interface to control the calibration
The automatic software control of the calibration procedure saves valuable time and allows the operator to pursue the measuring task in an easy and effective manner.

Conventional devices can react unstable to outside disturbances or interferences which may prolong the calibration procedure up to several hours. However measurements with supraVOLTcontrol are usually finished within a few minutes.

All relevant measuring data as well as data from the environmental sensors are being stored and can be accessed in every detail. Alternatively a report summarising the measurement can be printed.  

2. Calibration of linearity and gain factor of dc voltmeters

graphical user interface
A second measuring mode is the calibration of the linearity and gain factor of dc voltmeters.

The most commonly used dc voltmeters of the institutes, laboratories and workshops of the industrialised world are integrated in the software.

Also in this mode all measuring data and the according environmental conditions are saved and display as a summary report after the finishing of the measurement.  

3. Accurate output of arbitrary voltages

In this mode you can get an arbitrary reference voltage output up to 10 V with Josephson Voltage Standard accuracy. This option is made possible for the first time by supraVOLTcontrol.  

4. Direct comparison between two Josephson voltage standard systems

The software supports for the first time an international comparison of voltages by directly comparing two Josephson Voltage Standard Systems.

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