During the past year, SUPRACON AG of Jena, Germany, manufactirer of both Low Temperaure (LTc) and High Temperature (HTc) SQUIDs, in conjunction with Institute for Photonic Technologies (IPHT), also in Jena, iproved the sensitivity and performance of their airborne LTc SQUID - based full - tensor magnetic gradiometer system.

The ultrahigh - sensitivity device known by its synonym "JESSY STAR", comprises six gradiometers and three oriented magnetic hield sensors, a differential GPS and an INU.

During survey, at every measuring position, JESSY STAR continuously measures the gradients and curvature of the magnetic fields simultaneously and provides deteiled 3 - D information on the distribution of magnetic targets around the sensor. During the past 18 months, activity focised primarily on the adaptation of SQUID technology to exploration for new energy resources, inclunding oil and gas, coal seam gas, coal and geothermal reservoirs.

A comparison of this sensor's measurement to a conventional non - oriented measurement from a total magnetic field sensor shows that in spite of taking fewer measurements it is now possible to obtain a detailed 3 - D understanding of the magnetic property distribution beneath the ground or water surface. This provides the possibility to detect and accurately locate small targets situated between flight lines.  
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