In the application of SQUID technology, Supracon und IPHT implemented several technical breakthroughs associated with their “world’s first” full-tensor airborne magnetic gradiometer, known by its acronym “JESSY STAR”.

Significant improvements were made in the performance of “JESSY STAR” and its flight characteristics, including greater accuracy in the inertial navigation system, reduced motion noise, better aerodynamics in the tow-body design, and more user-friendly system software.

To accurately geo-reference the magnetic tensor, a high-resolution inertial navigation system was developed in-house. It achieves an angular resolution of typically 0.1 degree. Special attention was paid to further minimize external magnetic disturbances to an acceptable level.

In April 2008, the system was integrated into a new towed bird, designed by South Africa-based Epsilon engineering, and Spectrem Air, part of Anglo American. The bird has improved balance and aerodynamics, resulting in lower motion-noise and hence better magnetic field resolution.

The new generation SQUID Gradiometer sensor significantly reduces the impact of spheric and external disturbances. The system was successfully commissioned in June 2008 and airborne geophysical surveys are being conducted by Spectrem Air for Anglo American business units, De Beers and Anglo jointventure partners.  
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