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Compact 18-channel bias source for 10 V programmable Josephson voltage standard arrays

Front and Back of PJVS Bias Source
Supracon has developed (in a research project with PTB Braunschweig) a compact 18 channel bias source for driving programmable 10 V Josephson voltage standard arrays suitable for DC, AC and dynamic measurements up to 1 kHz.

The PJVS bias source will be used for Planck balance experiments in the future. Its special features are its switching time between voltage steps, which is in the range of a few microseconds (2 µs with a voltage step of 10 V), but also the flexibility and independence of the individual channels from each other. Each of the 18 individual channels can be described with up to 1024 voltage values to be set, which can be output automatically and repeatedly.
In addition, the various synchronization options for trigger and clock signals make the electronics ideal for use beyond standard AC quantum voltmeter calibrations. They open up new research potential, e.g. for "Kibble Balance" and "Electron Pump" experiments.

The Supracon 18-channel bias source is not only characterized by best performance parameters but also by high compactness, better synchronization possibilities and programmability.

Successful tests for comparative measurements with commercial devices at PTB Braunschweig also confirm the functionality with comparable measuring methods. In addition, this 18-channel bias electronics also offers further advantages from an economic point of view compared to commercially available products. It can be offered at attractive prices. Please ask for an offer here: info@supracon.com
At the digital Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM) in August 2020 Supracon already presented its latest development in the field of voltage standards.

In addition, further information can be found in the linked flyer.

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